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The Convert Website to App Revolution

The digital landscape is ever-evolving, and the latest trend that’s taking the world by storm is converting websites into mobile apps.

With customers spending more time on their smartphones than ever before, it’s essential to adapt to this change and provide them with a seamless experience when they purchase from you.

By converting your website into an app, you’ll stay ahead of the curve and ensure your brand remains at the forefront of your customers’ minds.

The barriers to launch your own mobile app have never been lower. 

Don’t limit your business’ potential. Read on to see why claiming your place on the app store might be the missing piece for your business growth.

What Does it Mean to Convert Website to an App?

When you convert your website to an app, you’re taking your existing website design and functionality and turning it into a dedicated mobile application.

This transformation allows you to connect with your customers on a deeper level, improve user experience, and enhance customer loyalty.

By converting your website to an app, you’re utilizing the time and effort you’ve already invested in your website instead of starting from scratch.

New tools like Website2App have made this process more accessible than ever.

Why Convert Your Website to an App?

A mobile app provides a superior user experience for your customers, no matter what device they are using. Users spend 88% of their daily phone usage within mobile apps, so it’s crucial to have a presence in this space.

Converting your website into a mobile app means you’re competing with 5.1 million other apps for 88% of your customers’ screen time. On the other hand, a website places your brand in an arena with hundreds of millions of other sites, all fighting for just 12% of users’ screen time.

By converting your website to an app, you’ll tap into organic search traffic from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, both of which receive tens of millions of visitors daily.

Graph showing mobile app usage vs web browsing for average US person timeline

 The choice is an easy one. There is less competition when you launch a mobile app.

Once you convert your website to an app there are two App Stores that receive tens of millions of visitors per day; the Apple App Store and Google Play StoreThese App Stores are a huge source of organic search traffic your business could be tapping in to.

The Benefits of Converting Your Website to an App

Converting your website into a mobile app unlocks numerous benefits for your business.

Let’s delve into some of these advantages below:

Enhanced Brand Visibility

Converting your website to an app boosts your brand’s presence, reaching users where they spend most of their time – on their smartphones.

Increased Customer Engagement

Keep users hooked with a mobile app that offers a personalized, interactive experience, driving repeat visits and brand loyalty.

Better User Experience

Deliver a seamless, smooth experience tailored for mobile devices, ensuring satisfied users and lower bounce rates.

Direct Communication

Reach users instantly with push notifications, sharing updates, offers, and vital information right at their fingertips.

Improved SEO Rankings

Climb search engine rankings as Google rewards businesses with mobile apps, driving more organic traffic to your site.

Competitive Advantage

Stand out in your industry by offering a mobile app, positioning your brand as innovative and customer-centric.

Convert Your Site - graphic of people working on a mobile app

The Convert Website to App Journey – More Benefits

Converting your existing website into a mobile app wasn’t always possible.

New software tools like Website2App have lowered the barriers to launching your own mobile app, making it more accessible and offering additional benefits, such as:

Consistency Between Your Website and Mobile App

By converting your existing website into a mobile app, you ensure that the app’s content and features are consistent with your website.

This consistency provides users with a seamless experience, as they’re already familiar with your design and know how to navigate it.

Saves You Time and Money

Using your website’s existing infrastructure and design elements makes the conversion process significantly faster and more cost-effective.

You can cut development time from months to weeks and reduce costs from $25,000+ to just $99/month.

Convert Your Website to an App Experience

Converting your site into a mobile app allows you to leverage the advantages of mobile technology. This enables your business to provide a richer, more interactive experience for your users, ultimately driving higher engagement and customer satisfaction.

The Best Way to Convert Your Website to an App

Website2App which offers an efficient, cost-effective solution for turning your website into a mobile app. Here’s why it might be the right choice for you:

  • Consistent Design: Website2App creates a mobile app based on your website design, ensuring a consistent user experience across devices.
  • Fast Turnaround: With Website2App, you can have your mobile app ready in a matter of weeks, not months.
  • Affordable Pricing: Website2App charges a one-off conversion fee of $399, and then $99/m for hosting and support, making it accessible for businesses of all sizes.
  • Expert Support: The Website2App team helps guide you every step of the way, so there’s no need for technical expertise on your part.

Startups and Existing Businesses Converting Their Websites to Apps

Whether you’re a startup looking to launch your idea or an existing business seeking to grow, converting your website to an app can be a game-changer.

Here are some examples of businesses that have successfully made the leap:

MYRnR.Space – a community of caring and sharing for pre and post-natal mothers looking to ‘get some space and quiet’.

Convert your site to mobile with Website2App - Picture of the conversion of the MyRnR.Space website to mobile app – a growing automobile platform designed to connect buyers, sellers and renters of vehicles across Africa.

Convert Website to App hero image. It is a picture of a car rental website being converted into a mobile app

Is your website already successful?

Double down on that success by converting your successful website into a mobile app. Claim your place on the app store and be seen by millions of new potential customers.

Two businesses who grew using a mobile app from Website2App include;

Clipped Assist – a pain-free and simple process for dealing with scratches and dents to your car.

Convert your site to mobile - Picture of Clipped Assist website being converted to a mobile app

The Sector – Providing accurate, timely and relevant news impacting the Early Childhood Education and Child Care sector in Australia.

Convert Your site to mobile - picture of the Sector Website, and a green 'conversion arrow' pointing to their mobile app

Convert Your Website to an App: The Next Step in Your Business Journey

Converting your website into a mobile app offers numerous benefits, including increased brand recognition and a deeper connection with your customers. That’s why so many large brands have had mobile apps for years.

With tools like Website2App removing barriers like cost and time to develop, mobile apps are now accessible to businesses of all sizes.

With decades of app development experience and a passion to help your business grow, Website2App is the ideal choice for converting your website into a mobile app.

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