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Create a Limitless Mobile App With Limited Resources

By merging the content of your website with custom app code, your app can be live on the App Store in days, not months (for hundreds, not thousands).

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Did you know you could convert your website into an app?

W2A Use Case

You’ve put so much effort into building your website and it looks GREAT! You should really maximise the amount of value you can get out of your website.

With Website2App you can package your website functionality into a beautiful mobile app experience within a matter of minutes.

And get it onto the Apple and Google app stores within a week.

Compared to traditional app development that’s a saving of MONTHS of development and design… not to mention, tens of thousands of dollars!

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An App Builds Your Brand Authority

How many times has one of your customers asked “do you have an app?”

Or how many times have you, as a customer, looked for the app of a brand you engage with often?

When you go searching and find that the brand has an app, you immediately feel “this brand is legit!”

The psychology behind it, says that adding an app to your suite of products is a strong proponent to building trust with your customers.

So what are you waiting for?

Not only does it look great to have an app, they also open a new marketing channel

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Push Notifications Are Opened 10x More Than Email.

Control your demand, increase brand loyalty and customer engagement by opening up a real-time communitcation channel with your customers.


Customise the way you serve your content

Use native navigation to re-position your website functionality. Create a new user experience that is more suited to a mobile user.

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Your Brand

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Claim your spot on the App Store

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And a place on your customers phones

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Read about some of the benefits of having an app

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Convert Your Website into a Mobile App on iOS + Android

Get a preview of your app

Turn your website into a mobile app, live on the Google Play and Apple App Store within weeks. Amplify the value of your website.

W2A Use Case
W2A Use Case
Your App

How it works

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Configure Your Preview

Use our previewer to configure your app in minutes.

We Publish To App Stores

We take care of the App Store listing and any tweaks required.

App Live To Download

Your fans can grab your App from the App Store in less than 1 week!

Team members who will work on converting your website to a mobile app
Team members who will work on converting your website to a mobile app

An Experienced Team to Support Your App

Chatting to the support team is speaking direct with the founders and people who designed & developed our product.

Team members who will work on converting your website to a mobile app
Team members who will work on converting your website to a mobile app

Frequently Asked Questions

Website2App does not require high-level technical skills to configure. 

Analogous to a WordPress, WiX or Bubble plugin, Website2App has an interface you use to configure your app. Cut the learning curve time by watching our step-by-step configuration tutorials here.

Yes. is compatible with most websites.

Ensure your app has a great user experience by checking the load time and responsiveness of your website with our eligibility checker.

Custom navigation is a key feature of any app and therefore is included in Website2App. 

All menu items must link to existing pages on your website.  


Our years of mobile app development experience are leveraged to convert your website into a native mobile app that looks & feels like your website.

Submit your request via the homepage or the pricing page and the Website2App team will contact you and take care of everything.

As soon as our team receive the submission, we create the mobile app version of your website and submit to the Apple App Store for approval as well as any minor adjustments that may be required.

All things considered, less than 1 week. 

Occassionally, Apple or Google will ask for a revision. In this case, the team will consult with you and make some adjustments before re-submitting the app to the App Store. This refinement process can add another week to the process.

Not at all! is super cheap to get started. $399 will get you two native mobile apps, published to the Google Play and App Stores. Keeping the apps live and supported by the Website2App team is $99/month.

Comparatively, a traditional app development process can cost upwards of $50,000.

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Have more questions?

Watch our video tutorials that show you exactly how to configure our plugin for your website. The videos are lead by our lead designer, James, who will take you through every part of the configuration process.

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Check how well your website will perform as a mobile app

Test your website and see how well your website is suited to being a mobile app. We’ll test your site’s performance and responsive design to ensure your users have a great experience when using any Website2App mobile app.

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Preview your app in a matter of seconds.

W2A Use Case

Your Preview Is On It's Way!

Hold tight! Our team is working on producing a preview of your app. It will be sent to you via email, so please keep an eye out!